A   C H A N G E   O F    S E A S O N S
a p r i l  9   -   a p r i l  22 

Polly Kimmorley - 'Time Passes' acrylic on canvas 100x100cm - $2,300

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Ali Wood 'Another Time Another Place' oil on 100x100cm $2,650Ali Wood 'Well Kept Secret' oil  100x100cm - $2,650Denise Lithgow 'By the Wave Platform' felt vessel 54x34cm $810Denise Lithgow 'Channel Country after the Rain'  mixed media  52x42cm - $1,160Denise Lithgow 'Ode to Autumn' assorted fabrics/embroidery 31x34cm $680Denise Lithgow 'Pebbles' felt merino wool vessel 56x24cm 56x24cm $810Denise Lithgow 'Red Cliffs' fabric w machine embroidery 33x42cm $890Denise Lithgow 'Rock Patterns' merino wool w embroidery 44x31cm $985Denise Lithgow 'Scribbly Gum Tree' felt merino wool vessel 68x30cm $810
Denise Lithgow 'Woodlands' mixed fabric w embroidery 30x33cm $680Karen McPhee - 'Cool of the Morning' acrylic on canvas 76x50cm $680Karen McPhee - 'Morning Light' acrylic on canvas 40x40cm $490Karen McPhee - 'On the Move' acrylic on canvas 30x30cm - $300Karen McPhee - 'View to the Tops' acrylic on canvas 76x50cm $680Karen McPhee 'Waiting for Rain' - acrylic on canvas 40x40cm $490Laural Lawless 'A Time Rememberd' acrylic on canvas 80x80cm $1,650Laural Lawless 'Off the Beaten Track' - acrylic on canvas 94x125cm $2,200Laural Lawless 'A Place Remembered' acrylic on canvas 80x80cm - $1,695
Laural Lawless 'A Summer Vacation II' acrylic on canvas 105x105cm $2,100Laural Lawless 'Innocent Bystanders II' acrylic on canvas 105x105cm $2,100Laural Lawless 'Timeless Land' acrylic on canvas 105x105cm $2,100Elizabeth Young 'Autumn in the High Country' gouache 85x66cm $1,100Elizabeth Young 'Autumn in the High Country II' - gouache 85x66cm $1,100Philip Turton - 'Lemon Knifed' oil on board 23x27m - $715Philip Turton - 'Lemon with Knife' oil on board 23x27cm - $715Philip Turton 'Road to G & T' oil on board 38x63cm - $2,100Polly Kimmorley 'Beauty in Isolation' acrylic on canvas 103x103cm $2,300
Polly Kimmorley 'Haying Off' acrylic on canvas 100x100cm - $2,300Polly Kimmorley 'Time Passes By' acrylic on canvas 104x83cm  $2,300Polly Kimmorley 'At the Moment' acrylic on canvas 103x103cm - $2,000Polly Kimmorley 'Saviour of the Land' acrylic on canvas 103x103cm - $2,300Susan Heslin 'French Jug Indian Muslin' oil on linen 51x51cm - $1,440Susan Heslin 'Hannibal's Lunch' oil on linen 50x44cm $1,180

This exhibition introduces seven new artists to the gallery 
Laurel Lawless, Elizabeth Young, Ali Wood, Polly Kimmorley,
Susan Trudinger, Denise Lithgow and Susan Heslin together with
 past exhibitors Philip Turton and Karen McPhee.

Susan Trudinger 'Around Bega'  acrylic on canvas 100x76cm - $1,600