a n n i e   h o l c o m b e  -  n a i v e   a r t

Holiday Time - acrylic on canvas 51x40cm - $660

Annie Holcombe’s naive paintings are fresh, colourful and happy.  
Featuring scenes of the Southern Highlands and beyond, the paintings tell a story of life
in an everyday world.  These paintings express a social commentary on community
 life in the country that art lovers can relate to.

A Busy Sunday - acrylic on canvas 76x61cm - $1,540

Typical of naive art the works are mainly figurative, including magical landscapes
inspired by the Southern Highlands landscape where Annie lives.

Feeding the Chickens - acrylic on canvas 76x51cm - $1,265

Our Valley - acrylic on canvas 76x51cm - $1,265

Annie was born in Wee Waa on a 3000 acre property.  Red tractors were
a part of her everyday life as a child and this is reflected in the red tractors
 featured in some of the works. 
Her paintings of farms and all things country are inspired from these memories

Oxley Hill - acrylic on canvas 76x61cm - $1,540

The Red Barn - acrylic on canvas 102x76cm - $2,950