DANA DION - New Works

26-Apr-2019 to 29-May-2019
D A N A   D I O N   -   N E W  W O R K S

'Rolling Hills' - acrylic on canvas w Tasmanian oak frame 122x137cm - $5,600

For me painting is meditative. This is how I go into another world. I am awake, I am alert,
 yet completely absorbed in the act of painting…not thinking of anything else.
 — Dana Dion

"Expansive Summer" acrylic on canvas 126x132cm -  in situ

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DONAL MOLLOY-DRUM  featured in this exhibition 
Sculptures by Donal Molloy-Drum

Exhibition Dates:  April 26 - May 29

Gallery open seven days - Ph: 02 48621077