Jenny Fusca "HEART & HOME" - Pop-Up Gallery

26-Sep-2019 to 15-Oct-2019

I work in the lively medium of acrylics, sealed with oil glazes,
which bring the blooms to life on the canvases.  I often paint on oversized canvases -
  limited in size only by the ability to get them through my front door!  
The large scale is immersive - providing a dramatic perspective into the floral world. 


I'm always looking for new blooms. I visit parks, flower markets and neighbourhood
gardens.  As the seasons change, there is always something new to admire! 
I live and work from my bushland studio in Sydney.

Jenny Fusca

Jenny is a Sydney based floral artist with a background in botanical painting
and ceramics. Her training includes Fine Arts (Oil Painting). Jenny’s subjects are found
 in nature where from an early age her parents encouraged her to take notice
of the ‘small details’ in her surroundings.

Jenny believes that flowers have a unique allure, and refers to her large
scale canvases (some up to 152 x 122 cm) as floral portraits revealing this individu

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