New to the Gallery - Jimmy Rix - Sculptor

25-Feb-2017 to 25-Feb-2017
J I M M Y   R I X   -   S c u l p t o r

Roo with a Selfie Stick - corten steel  220 x 150 x 111cm - $12,000

Jimmy Rix’s sculptures often relate to personal experiences and familiar objects. Having lived 
within both natural and farmed Australian landscapes throughout his life,
 rebellious kangaroos, machine-horse hybrids,  playful sheep and 
utilitarian objects have inevitably been cast as the actors of his narrative-based works.
 In these sculptures a sense of humour, an engagement with Australiana, an interest in 
scale and a  concern for the environment are often the underlying themes and inspiration. 

I'm too old for this - corten steel 61 x 72 x 28cm - 

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