07-Oct-2017 to 31-Oct-2017

Penelope Oates Paintings -  Darren Oates
 Fine Woodwork

 The inspiration for this exhibition comes from our respective disciplines as both artist and artisan 
and the commonalities we see in both our work.
Penelope’s works are characterized by layered, textural and etched surfaces where the contours 
of the landscape often merge the delineation between land, sea and sky. 
This layering of mixed media with the predominant use of coloured inks on timber shapes, 
perfectly cut to size by Darren in his workshop, allow Penelope to explore varying shapes and 
contours as a painting surface, rather than always adhering to the more conventional 
and restrictive size and shape of a canvas.

Darren’s furniture is characterized by a strong use of curves that are achieved by molding 
timber into forms that mirror the shapes and contours we find in nature. 
These curved elements are largely a result of using bent laminations.  
 Darren prefers to keep the lines of his furniture simple in form and functional. 
The old adage ‘less is more’ rings true with Darren’s work and gives his pieces
 integrity of form whilst paying homage to the reclaimed native Australian timbres that he uses.