The Summer Exhibition - 2019

08-Dec-2018 to 28-Feb-2019
T H E   S U M M E R   E X H I B I T I O N   2 0 1 9

Ted Lewis - "Summer Holidays" - oil on canvas 61x77cm

The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from the Gallery Stockroom
 and exhibitions held throughout 2018. Works include paintings, etchings,
 limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and glass. 
click on the link to view the exhibition Summer Exhibition 2019

Exhibiting artists include..

 Fiona Craig, Greg Hyde, Nicole Ayliffe, Paul Battams, Elizabeth Langreiter,
Ros Goody, Bruce Chanter, Felicia Aroney, Ivan Goodacre, Denise Faulkner,
Penny Oates, Darren Oates, Robert Billington, Jan Karras, Ann Morton, Annie Holcombe, Arenaria,
Max Linegar, Robyn Kinsela, Garry Fleming, Elizabeth Burton, Meredith Woolnough,
Penny Lovelock, Pennie Pomroy, David Welch, Ted Lewis, Liz Priestley, Cecily Slade, Lisa Rodden, 
Leanne Halls, Kim Shannon, Justin Pearson, Ian Bell, Tom Bell and more.