b r u c e   c h a n t e r   -   a s s e m b l a g e s (memory boxes)

 Mémoires de France

A  portrayal of the evocative atmosphere of France through assemblage works,
capturing the vibrancy and light of Paris and the ebb of seasonal life in the French countryside.

"Atelier d'artiste" - Artist's Studio - 71x54cm - $1,200
(Antique art materials and glasses of the period)

The Paris artist's studio of the impressionist period used Gustav Sennelier's
hand ground paints from his shop on Quai Voltaire opened in 1887. 

"Les Vignobles" - The Vineyards - 73x69cm - $1,450
(harvest knife, old barrel spigot and original vintage labels)
France's ten primary wine regions under 'appellation controlee' laws
set the benchmark and French oak barrels are used throughout. 

Paris, la belle epogue" - Paris, the beautiful era - 71x54cm - $1,200
(original Paris postcards of the time and c1900 antique decoupage figure)
Belle epogue Paris - early 20c, a time for artistic expression,
literary cafes, theatre and Art Nouveau architecture.

"St. Jacques de Compostelle" - St. James of Compostella - 71x54cm - $990
(hand printed French engraving, Normandy scallop shells, old Madonna, prayer book)

The Christian pilgrim's way to Compostella, Spain, traversed France from all
parts of Europe in the Middle Ages. They returned with their souvenir
scallop shells, symbol of St. James

"Beauty Shines Within" - shells - 64x56cm - $890

The assemblages exhibited are of found objects and vintage ephemera grouped and mounted
 on a textured collage surface. The surface is a multi – textural build-up of fine Japanese and French
art papers, handmade and printed paper, cards, fabric and other found materials that suit a theme.
 On these are mounted old ephemera like hand written letters, documents, original postcards,
menus, labels, packaging and finally an assemblage of grouped antique objet found in European
flea markets, brocante shops and street fairs common over there.

Each assemblage work have an individual theme, design and colour scheme.
They are professionally framed in box frames behind glass.