d a n a   d i o n

Summer Harmony - acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm - $2,900

Artist's Statement

My latest body of work – consists of landscapes examining different places. The
landscapes aim to define or locate a place where I belong. I chase the feelings of
belonging and look for a reaction to the feeling. The landscapes do not depict a
specific place, but rather a memory or recording of the many places I have lived in:
no borders, boundaries or identified area. Rather it is the creation of a new place,
safe for me, where I can feel belonging.

Rocky Outcrop - acrylic on canvas 84 x 167 cm - $4,550


Dana Dion was born in Israel, lived in Israel, Kenya, Tanzania, Vancouver Canada, Los
Angeles and Atlanta USA, Oxford and London UK and Sydney Australia.

After owning and operating three successful fitness businesses for 12 years in Vancouver
Canada, Initiating managing and designing the 1st Canadian Ironman Triathlon and raising
three children, Dion settled in Sydney Australia in 2000.

Across the Hills - acrylic on board 52x52cm - $1,150

She emerged from behind the canvas in 2005, to display her artistic feel and ability for
painting and drawing. She studied painting and drawing with several prominent artists,
mentors and schools in Canada, the US, the UK and Australia.

Coastal Breeze - acrylic on board 52x52cm - $1,150

Dana has since exhibited widely around Australia and Atlanta, USA, been awarded many prizes and awards
and was included in many selective art exhibitions..

ENQUIRIES: 02 48621077 - E: gallery@milkfactorygallery.com.au