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'Wren High Tea' - watercolour 81x 63cm - $1,100

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'Beguiled' - watercolour 81x63cm - $1,100'Camouflage' - watercolour 78x98cm - $1,450'Cocky Cockie 1' - watercolour 81x63cm - $1,000'Crimson Rosella' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Gouldian Finches' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Joanna the Sand Goanna' - watercolour 81x63cm - $1,000'King Fisher' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Leaden Flycatcher' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Life Imitates Art' watercolour 81x63cm - $1,100
'Patterns' - watercolour  78x98cm $1,450'Red Rumped Parrot' - watercolour 62x48cm  $720'Rose Breasted Cockatoo aka Galah' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Scarlet Honeyeater' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Silvereyes' watercolour 62x48cm - $720'Skippying' - watercolour 78x98cm - $1,300Swan Song - watercolour 78x98cm - $1,450'Tug of War' watercolour 78x98cm - $1,300'Wren High Tea' - watercolour 81x63cm - $1,100

Born in Darlinghurst and raised in Drummoyne, both inner suburbs of Sydney, Denise
Faulkner was a real city girl… or so she thought. She completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at the
National Art  School in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 1996, and then a Degree from the same college
a few years later. After a few group shows with friends she turned her back on being a
professional artist, preferring to eat, and so got a job in the Gallery Shop at the Art Gallery of New
South Wales. Starting as a lowly casual she rose to the dizzying heights of Book Buyer,
thereby combining her two great loves,  art and books. Whilst there she did many various part
time and evening courses from Psychology to Jewellery
Making and Creative Writing in a bid to keep her mind active.

'Silvereyes' - watercolour 62x48cm - $720

Recently, herself, her partner and their cat took the bold plunge and moved permanently to their
weekender  situated on a bush block with a great big mountain in the middle, just outside of Mudgee NSW,
a long way  removed from the city life she was used to. She spends her days watching birds, painting,
growing vegetables,  taking the cat on bush walks (which the cat loves!), working part time and enjoying life.
She is still adapting to the peace, the tranquillity, the stars, the birds, the wildlife, and of course,
 the inspiration, but loving every minute of it.

'Skippying' - watercolour 78x98cm - $1,300

Denise will be exhibiting her delightful watercolours at the Milk Factory Pop-Up Gallery
in time to celebrate Easter in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales..

PH: 02 48621077