E L I Z A B E T H   Y O U N G   -  " H o m e  -  I n   t h e   H i g h l a n d s"

"Awakening" - watercolour 70x86cm 

Home – In the Highlands

Art is an expression of my inner feelings and the impact something has on my total senses. 
The series of landscape paintings showcased in this exhibition represent my feelings for the 
constantly changing natural environment in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales,
which has been my home for the last twelve years.

The dramatic changes brought about by four very distinct seasons,
as well as the different moods and feelings created by these changes of nature, have
inspired these works.
  I particularly love the starkness of the wintry landscape with the
 silhouettes of naked trees against the more 
somber greys, the beautiful colours -
 trees dressed in their autumn glory 
and the beginnings of nature’s new life in spring. 
The sight of the magnificent mists descending like veils over the landscape,
creating an ethereal and romantic 
atmosphere, is the most wondrous  joy that I
experience living in the Highlands.
Using my eyes as a camera and my emotional responses to whatever I see, 
I have tried to create works that show the impact the landscape has on me.
The result is shown in a variety of different styles from impressionistic, abstract 
or linear, through to some works that are more realistic.
'A Grey Highland's Day' - pastel 73x42.5cm - $750'A Tranquil Place' - mixed media 54x51cm - $550'Across the Fairway - Gibraltar' - gouache & watercolour 52x66cm - $650'Afternoon Glow' - mixed media 64x53cm - $790'Aglow' - oil 41.5 x 41.5cm - $640'Along the Road to Berrima; - ink 117 x 37cm - $950'As Spring Unfolds' - watercolour 56x45cm - $550'As the Sun Goes Down' - watercolour 70x86cm - $1,490'Autumn' - oil 41.5cm x 41.5cm - $640'Awakening - a New Day' - watercolour 70x86cm - $1,490
'Blue Hills' - watercolour 50x99cm - $850'Craigieburn Rivulet' - ink 46x53cm - $550'Craigieburn' - triptych - artist's proof 54 x 123cm x 370dm - $4,500'Distant Fields' - oil 41x41cm - $640'Distant Horizon' - watercolour 77.5 x 95cm - $1,490'Field of Dreams' - gouache & watercolour 52 x 66cm - $590'Golden Morn' - artist's proof 102.5cm x 101cm - $1,500'Lakeside - Lake Alexandra' - mixed media 56x97cm $1,100'Moonlight' - oil 41.5 x 41.5cm - $640'Morning has Broken - Craigieburn' - watercolour 58.5 x 45cm - $650
'Morning Rambles - Craigieburn' - watercolour 46.5 x 58cm - $690'Parched' - gouache 79 x 95cm - $1,490'Serenity 2019' - 97 x 76cm - $1,490'Soft Light on the Gib; - pastel 58.5 x 45cm - $650'Solitary - Centennial Road' - pastel 51 x 62cm - $650'Stormy Skies' - oil 41.5 x 41.5cm - $640'Stripped Naked' - ink & pastel 54 x 45cm - $550'Sunburst' - gouache and watercolour 41.5 x 41.5cm - $640'Towards the Gib' - pastel 51 x 62cm - $650
Elizabeth Young is an acclaimed Australian artist with a career 
spanning over thirty years. Experimenting with different mediums, 
tones, colours, styles and textures has led to her amazingly 
versatile range of artistic skills and passions. 
  The beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW where Elizabeth
 currently lives will be the main focus of the show