2019 exhibitions 

The gallery is open seven days a week.

Please note that the images below are, in some cases, are only a snippet of the actual artwork. View Exhibition Diary 2018.

Jan - Feb 28


The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from  the Gallery Stockroom and exhibitions held throughout 2018. Works include paintings, etchings, limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and glass. Exhibiting artists - Fiona Craig, Greg Hyde, Paul Battams, Elizabeth Langreiter, Ros Goody, Bruce Chanter, Felicia Aroney, Ivan Goodacre, Lorraine Brownlee, Garry Fleming, Elizabeth Burton, Meredith Woolnough, Penny Lovelock, Pennie  Pomroy, David Welch, Ted Lewis, Liz Priestley, Lisa Rodden, Nicole Ayliffe, Annie Holcombe, Leanne Halls, Kim Shannon, Justin Pearson, Ian Bell, Tom Bell and more.

March 9 - April 22

This exhibition introduces new artists to the gallery Laurel Lawless, Elizabeth Young, Ali Wood, Polly Kimmorley, Susan Heslin together with past exhibitors Philip Turton and Karen McPhee. 

 The exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of works reflecting A Change of Seasons and what that represents to each individual artist.  The show will include original works on canvas and paper.A Change of Seasons

April 26 - May 29

DANA DION - New Works

For me painting is meditative. This is how I go into another world. I am awake, I am alert, yet completely absorbed in the act of painting…not thinking of anything else. — Dana Dion

Dana Dion’s paintings reflect an intense exploration of the world and her subsequent quest for inner expression of that experience. The bold physicality of her painterly surfaces is balanced with a sense of tender vulnerability and an obvious love for the process of painting. My abstract landscapes are based on the the Australian bush and water and my connections to the geographies of previous places I have lived: Israel, Africa, USA, Canada and England. I aim my paintings to be luscious and evocative, exploring both the physical landscape and an inner understanding and interpretation of that landscape. click to view the exhibition Dana Dion - New & Recent Works

 June 1 - 30


The Artists Studio Sale features works from our gallery artists studios as well as the gallery Stockroom. For one month only works in the sale are a minimum of 25% up to 50%.  Works include paintings, works on paper, limited edition prints, sculpture, glass, ceramics and much more.
A perfect opportunity to pick up a wonderful piece of art at an excellent price.

July 5 - 31

GREG HYDE - "Mostly Happy Paintings, Etchings and Prints Old and New" 
Greg Hyde has been exhibiting with the Milk Factory Gallery for over a decade - his quirky art is hugely popular with locals and visitors alike. 
His work is whimsical; definitely tongue in cheek, somewhat Leunig in nature, but without all the angst. More of a constant chuckle than out right laughter, Greg’s comments on life, the universe and “thanks for all the fish” moments are positively satisfying. Humour that constantly and repeated amuses is rare, and this talent is Greg’s" 
click on the link to view exhibition Greg Hyde - Mostly Happy Paintings, Etchings & Prints Exhibition
Aug 2 - Sept 2

ELIZABETH BURTON - Evolution & Inspiration - new works from Italy & Australia

In this exhibition, Elizabeth seeks to reflect the shared beauty of Italy and the NSW Southern Highlands. Both areas have amazing scenery that inspires the creativity of the locals and artists. Italy has a torturous landscape dotted with remnants of renaissance public architecture and private grandeur built amid the centre of the human struggle, and a modern history of design, style and grace among the challenges of modern life. The Southern Highlands has an ancient land reshaped by colonialism.  Works in the exhibition will include paintings on canvas, paper and prints together with artists books.  click to view exhibition Elizabeth Burton - 'Evolution & Inspiration' New works from Italy & Australia

Sept 5 - Sept 30    
ELIZABETH YOUNG - 'Home - In the Highlands'
Elizabeth Young is an acclaimed Australian artist with a career spanning over thirty years.
Experimenting with different mediums, tones, colours, styles and textures has led to her amazingly versatile range of artistic skills and passions.

Elizabeth particularly enjoys working with water based mediums, such as gouache and translucent watercolours, but inks, charcoal and mixed media also feature extensively in her work.  Her passion for watercolours has won her awards at the Tumut Art Society Annual Art Exhibition, Ku-ring-gai Art Society Awards Exhibition and Northern Suburbs A & H Society's St. Ives Show.
This exhibition will feature a large body of work showcasing Elizabeth's talents in many mediums and subject matter.  The beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW where Elizabeth currently lives will be the main focus of the show. 
Oct 4 - Oct 28      

A Joint Exhibition from fellow artists

Anthony Springford is a Bowral-based artist with a practice that has includes painting, drawing, printmaking and writing. He is also the owner of Black Parrot Art Room in Mittagong, NSW. Anthony’s life and art is shaped by his fascination with the history of visual culture, and of intimate, domestic and bodily life. He is drawn to the texture and viscosity of old images or déclassé luxuries from the recycling bin of taste, and his paintings are like an uncool form of ‘remix culture’ (which has also been pretty uncool since the 1990s): He samples and rehashes techniques, ideas and styles that culture-at-large has chosen to forget. His work is intended to be funny.

Using the lush and fertile pastures of both the New South Wales and Victorian coastlines as inspiration, Max's drawings using charcoal and pastel on gesso-primed paper are captured in the transitional and contemplative light of dawn and dusk.  These misty and poestic landscape images, through their finely depicted detail and nostalgic hazy quality of gesso, are seductively enchanting, with each drawing successfully capturing the beauty of the surrounding light.  Max's ability to entice the viewer to enter the meditative and moody terrain shows the beauty of the surrounding light. 

Nov 2 - Dec 1
KIM SHANNON - New and Recent Works 
 I have always enjoyed the observed world, and the challenge of bringing that together with an interior one, becoming aware of the metaphor, or just painting something for the sheer pleasure of it. I paint the things that are around the house; things lived with – including people - or the beauty of an accidental arrangement of shapes and spaces. I mostly like to "let the scene arrange itself" and from there allow a colour or idea take shape.