2018 exhibitions 

The gallery is open from 10-5, seven days a week.

Please note that the images below are, in some cases, only a snippet of the actual artwork.

Dec - 
28 Feb



The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from the Gallery Stockroom and exhibitions held throughout 2016. Works include paintings, etchings, limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and glass. Exhibiting artists - Fiona Craig, Greg Hyde, Glen Preece, Paul Battams, Elizabeth Langreiter, Richard Morecroft, Ros Goody, Alan Healy, Bruce Chanter, Conchita Carambano, Felicia Aroney, Ivan Goodacre, Lorraine Brownlee, Garry Fleming, Elizabeth Burton, Meredith Woolnough, Penny Lovelock, Pennie Pomroy and more.


 March 24 -
April 30


Gallery artists create works that reflect their interpretation of what still life in the landscape is to them. 

Artists include Pennie Pomroy (featured work), Glen Preece, Penny Lovelock, Richard Morecroft, Elizabeth Burton, Ivan Goodacre, Ann Morton, David Welch, Denise Faulkner, Robert Billington, Alan Healy.

This eclectic mix of artists will present works in a variety of mediums including paintings, photography and sculpture depicting still life in the landscape. 

click on the link for details: Still Life in the Landscape


May 5 - 
June 25
JULY 31 in

THE 'SALON-STYLE' Exhibition - An eclectic mix of artwork from our Stockroom displayed in a 'salon-style hang' If you have spent time in museums or galleries lately, there's a good chance that you will have seen an exhibition hung 'salon'style' - a term that refers to large groupings of art that extend higher and lower than the traditional eye-level single row or 'museum style' hanging.  This exhibition will feature an eclectic mix of artwork from our gallery artists displayed in a 'salon-hang' style. Works include paintings, prints, works on paper, photography.

June 30 -
July 31


 August 4 -
Sept 3

The Artists Studio Sale features works from our gallery artists studios as well as the gallery Stockroom. For one month only works in the sale are a minimum of 25% up to 50%.  A perfect time to pick up a wonderful piece of art at an excellent price.

- 2018 is a Year of the Dog.  In Chinese astrology, each year is related to a Chinese zodiac animal according to the 12-year cycle.  2018 is an Earth Dog Year. This year the Gallery will celebrate The Year of the Dog with an exhibition featuring dogs in paintings, drawings, sculpture and more. click on link to view exhibition The Year of the Dog 2018

Ros Goody - mixed media
Sept 8 - 30

Felicia`s latest body of work encompasses her love of the Australian
environment. Her textural and heavily layered technique is influenced by the
antiquity of historic European buildings and ruins. Using a palette knife,
Felicia layers acrylics and oils simulating the character of an ancient culture
and combining it with a contemporary Australian outdoor theme. Click on the link to view the exhibition Felicia Aroney - New Works Exhibition

“Australia’s wondrous flora, and the textural visuals seen on my European travels, have fused my subject and technique as one.”

Oct 6 - 31

TREES... a homage in art...

This exhibition features works in various media celebrating the tree as its subject matter. Not only beautiful single tree studies but works of bark, flowers, leaf and pod." 

 From artist Bruce Chanter an exhibition of oil paintings, drawings on paper, photographic montage, assemblages, small oil studies on paper and gouache, celebrating the tree in the The Year of the Tree - officially on Sunday 29th July 2018 is "National Tree Day".

CLICK ON THE LINK TO VIEW EXHIBITION Bruce Chanter - "trees...a homage in art"

Nov 3 -
Dec 3


An exhibition inspired by her travels around the world in particular East Africa, Ros Goody will be exhibiting wonderful images of people and places that have captured her imagination over the last two years. 

Known for her cattle, horses, dogs and figurative works, this exhibition will feature a range of subject matter and mediums that include watercolour, pastel, pencil and limited edition prints. A treat for lovers of Ros Goody art.