2020 exhibitions 

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Please note that the images below are, in some cases, are only a snippet of the actual artwork. View Exhibition Diary 2019.

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The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from  the Gallery Stockroom and exhibitions held throughout 2019. Works include paintings, etchings, limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and glass. Exhibiting artists include - Greg Hyde, Dana Dion, Ross Townsend, Ros Goody, Felicia Aroney, Laural Lawless, Ebony Bennett, Max Linegar, Susan Heslin, Philip Turton, Gill Pedrana, Janette Cervin, Jenny Fusca, Ann Morton, Melissa Hartley, Anthony Springford, Janet Matthews, Lucinda McDonald, Lisa Rodden, Aidan Weichard, Penelope Oates, Alan Weston, Ivan Goodacre,  Pennie  Pomroy, David Welch, Ted Lewis, Liz Priestley, Nicole Ayliffe,  Leanne Halls, Kim Shannon, Justin Pearson, Tillian, Polly Kimmorley, Ian Bell, Tom Bell and more. - click to view exhibition The Summer Exhibition 2020

 April 17 - June 15

LIZ PRIESTLEY  'The Solitary and the Sublime' encaustic works
Liz’s work is best described as a combined interpretation of both the immediate physical landscape, and that of the internal landscape. Her choice of encaustic (wax) as a medium in the creative process is for both its architectural and reductive qualities, allowing for a narrative to build through the layers which can then also be selectively revealed by carving, scraping and melting.   Click on the link to view exhibition:
 The Solitary and the Sublime - Liz Priestley Encaustic Paintings Exhibition

 June 12/13/14

Join artist Liz Priestley for a one day workshop, in a hands on introduction to this versatile medium.  Participants will learn about numerous techniques including image transfer, layering colour, stencil use and making your own encaustic hot wax medium.

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July 3 - August 3
 Landscape Narratives - Penelope Oates

Penelope’s body of work for this exhibition explores the inherent narratives that accompany our experiences of the landscape. Whether we are visiting, exploring or simply viewing the landscape from afar, our experiences, memories and a sense of place resonates with all of us on some level.

Penelope invites the viewer to make their own connections with this collection of landscape imagery that has largely been inspired by her own experiences and recollections of the wider Hawkesbury area of NSW.

click to view exhibition https://milkfactory.worldsecuresystems.com/landscape-narratives-penelope-oates-exhibition-2020

August 15 - Sept 15

Meredith Woolnough - THE 100 EMBRODIERIES PROJECT

An installation and exhibition of 100 + embroidered pieces by renowned textile artist Meredith Woolnough. Meredith works with a unique form of embroidery, creating sculptural artworks with a domestic sewing machine and water-soluble fabrics.  Her etherial embroideries explore and celebrate the beauty of nature, inspired by the patterns, structures and forms of coral, leaves and shells.
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 Sept 19 -  Oct 5
Richard Morecroft - mixed media

INSIDE/OUT - paintings and works on paper featuring the great outdoors and intimate interiors 

A mixed exhibition of interiors and landscapes from our established gallery artists together with 'new to the gallery' artists who have exhibited recently with the Milk Factory. 
Artists include Alison Mackay, Richard Morecroft, Ann Morton, Ross Townsend, Laura White, Melissa Hartley.  Each artist is renowned for their work within this theme. The exhibition will feature intimate still life paintings together with magnificent outdoor/landscape scenes unique to the Australian landscape.  A collection of paintings, drawings and photography. click to view exhibition https://milkfactory.worldsecuresystems.com/inside-out-exhibition-2020

October 10 - Nov 10

GORDON FITCHETT - Works on Paper
with sculptures by STEPHEN MARR

Gordon Fitchett's paintings have been exhibited in Australia and the USA and are represented in private collections around the world, and his illustrations have appeared in newspapers and magazines including The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, Vogue and Mode. Gordon lives in an inner suburb of Sydney and escapes to the bush whenever he can. 

"Ever since I can remember I've always loved drawing. Through drawing I can create and enter my own world of nature and its inhabitants.Animals feature: the duck (which probably symbolises me), my dog Obe, cows and little birds, star in the scenes I create.​ Throughout life I've tried to keep a sense of humour. I hope this shows in my pictures and makes you smile too".                                        

Stephen Marr Sculptures

Nov 14 - Dec 14

JUSTIN PEARSON - Portraits and Recent Works with a hint of theatre

Due to the recent bushfires,  in particular on the south coast of NSW, this fabulous exhibition by Justin Pearson was cancelled 
for safety reasons prior to opening in February at Gallery Bodalla. The Milk Factory Gallery reached out to Justin (who exhibits at the Milk Factory) and offered to host the show in June 2020.  We are excited that Justin took up our offer and look forward to showing his amazing art mid-year in the Southern Highlands

December 2020


The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from  the Gallery Stockroom and exhibitions held throughout 2020. Works include paintings, etchings, limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and glass and will be on show throughout the galleries within the milk factory building.  Exhibiting artists to be confirmed.