F E L I C I A   A R O N E Y   -   N E W   W O R K S

Felicia`s latest body of work encompasses her love of the Australian
environment. Her textural and heavily layered technique is influenced by the
antiquity of historic European buildings and ruins. Using a palette knife,
Felicia layers acrylics and oils simulating the character of an ancient culture
and combining it with a contemporary Australian outdoor theme.

Chill - mixed media on canvas 45x45cm - $980Family Tree - mixed media on canvas 100x100cm - $3,450 - SOLDFresh - mixed media on canvas 60x60cm - $1,600Midnight Romance -mixed media on canvas 100x100cm - $3,450Monday Chat - mixed media on canvas 90x90cm - $2,990Poetic Drama - mixed media on canvas 150x120cm - $5,800Sunny - mixed media on canvas 45x45cm - $980Zen - mixed media on canvas 60x60cm - $1,600

“Australia’s wondrous flora, and the textural visuals seen on my 
European travels, have fused my subject and technique as one.”

Artwork from this exhibition is available for purchase through artmoney - click on the link for information
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gallery open seven days - ph: 02 48621077