Fiona Craig

 Fiona Craig is an award-winning fine artist who has had many solo exhibitions and participation in group shows.
From time to time, she has undertaken commissions. Her main subject matter comprises larger-than-life flowers
and landscapes of Australia and the USA in, broadly speaking, a contemporary realist style. 
Fiona usually works in oil paint,but also enjoys watercolours, pastels and acrylics.

Green and White Waratahs -oil on canvas - 106 x 91.4cm  SOLD

 Fiona grew up in an artistic family in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia,
which is now a Unesco World Heritage listed site. Her father, Allan Craig, was an architect and her mother, Alison, 
a fibre artist and craftsperson who conducted non-profit art groups for children for eighteen years. Her brother, Bruce, 
studied photography and is now growing an upholstery business. Fiona explains that, "Both the family interest in art 
and the local natural environment greatly influenced my art making, as can be seen by my Australian landscapes 
and floral paintings". From a young age, Fiona undertook many art and craft classes, both academic and non-academic, 
and developed her own style.

 Red Waratah Beauty -oil on canvas 

Living in Australia and the US, Fiona I enjoys painting the diverse natural environments as well as the
interesting floral subjects and scenes that the botanical gardens have to offer. She also obtains flowers
from florists to paint in her studio.

“I seek new challenges and therefore feel very inspired to paint the 
distinct seasons and different land forms in the US,” says Fiona, “particularly the autumn and spring.
I also continue to paint the Australian subjects that are close to my heart, such as native flora. 

Sunlit Gumleaves - oil on canvas 

Many of my paintings have cultural and historical allusions to people's love of, and even obsession with, flowers.
That's why I've named a couple of my series 'Tulipomania' and Orchid Fever'. I'm aware in an amused sort of
way that I'm also indulging in these 'maladies' in my passionate search for interesting and unusual flowers to paint.
My aim in rendering them so dramatically on a grand scale is to draw attention to the beauty of flora and preserve
something of the ephemeral in a type of monument or visual ode. In communicating through my visual art,
I have often found that the flowers and places that are meaningful to me often have pleasant associations,
memories and interest for others".

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