G I L L   P E D R A N A   
November 28 - December 12

'SPARROW 2019' -  OIL ON CANVAS  670X450mm  FRAMED  $1100

In this series for BEAUTIFUL CREATURES… BUT 

 I have chosen to playfully  depict some of our introduced
species into soft pastel hued, nonrepresentational
landscapes, exploring the fragile side to the contrary rugged
continent of regional Australia.

FOXED 2019  OIL ON CANVAS   600 X 500mm FRAMED $1100

Are you aware that there are no cloven or hoofed footed
animal indigenous to Australia?

FERAL FELLOWS II  2019    OIL ON CANVAS   720 X720mm  FRAMED  $1200

Beginning with a red, dry canvas I finally draw 
into the completed wet painting revealing
red line symbolizing caution, energy and primal forces;
perhaps a warning  of upset to the fragility of our ecosystem.
My love of surrealism, in particular the works of Rene Magritte
has influenced this body of work.

HARE TO THE THRONE II   2019   OIL ON CANVAS  700 X 700mm  FRAMED  $1300

About Gill Pedrana - 2019

I was born in the UK and moved to Australia almost 30 years ago with my
Australian born husband.  Having always been a creative-being, when my two
children became independent the opportunity arose to seriously study the theory
 and practice of visual arts part time at TAFE, from 2011, starting with photography.  
I was awarded an Outstanding Student Award in 2013, graduating in 2015 with an
Advanced Diploma in Visual Arts, I accepted a two-year residency at Dubbo TAFE 2016 - 2017
and am now totally addicted to drawing and painting.  I have hung many solo exhibitions and
 group exhibitions around the Dubbo and regional area over the past eight years.  
Two years ago, I moved my studio into a converted grain shed on our family farm near
Dubbo and from time to time I share this fabulous rustic space with other creatives by
 hosting high profile teachers for weekend workshops and creating life drawing opportunities
 for like-minded friends.

COME IN DEER 2019   OIL ON CANVAS   600 X 500mm   FRAMED  $1100

BEEZ KNEEZ 2019  OIL ON CANVAS  500 X 500mm FRAMED $990

MISREPRESENTATION  after Magritte  2019 OIL ON CANVAS  600 X 500mm  FRAMED

TOAD IN A HOLE  2019  OIL ON CANVAS  180 x180mm   FRAMED $390