Monk's Cowl -198cm h (incl plinth) x 35 x 50 cm
made in nickel electroplated stainless steel on a weathered mild steel plinth - $3,500


 Jacek WaƄkowski is based in Sydney and the NSW Hunter Valley. He originally trained and worked internationally as a marine biologist, is a keen SCUBA diver and international traveller and draws upon these experiences to inform his practice. Since graduating in 2006 from the National Art School in Sydney, he has exhibited his large scale outdoor sculptures and smaller, intimate indoor pieces internationally in 63 group and 4 solo exhibitions in London and Sydney, throughout the UK and in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. His work is in private collections in Australia and the UK.

 Jacek is an Associate Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and a member of The Sculptors Society NSW.

 'My sculptures are predominantly made in steel and range from large-scale outdoor pieces to smaller, intimate works - a play between the small and the large scale, between intricacy and simplicity. Inspired by observation of pattern and form in the natural world and spatially activated by the distribution of their mass, they embody movement and anticipation, and often a sense of unfolding or unwrapping.'

'Many of my sculptures are intended to be installed in a natural or soft non-industrial environment - on grass or old flagstones, amongst trees or with a background of weathered brickwork; where surface patinas will gradually develop with age. Each work is designed and intended to interact with, and age uniquely within, its environment.'

Skerret - 192 cm high (incl plinth) x 58 x 75 cm, made of galvanised steel and weathered corten steel on a weathered mild steel plinth, $5,500 

These two sculptures are currently on exhibition on the south deck of the Milk Factory Gallery