j a n e t t e    c e r v i n

"Indoor Outdoor Flow" - multilayered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board 38 x 100cm - $2,400

Janette Cervin’s painting practice has always reflected a deep and ongoing love for 
all things floral. Janette enjoyed a unique childhood immersed in nature every day. 
Cervin’s parent’s family business was centred around a flourishing flower nursery 
and the distinction between home and the nursery was a moving feast of colour, shapes
 and textures. In response to such a profusion of stimuli it was only natural that Janette 
was attracted to a creative path with a focus on floral imagery. Painting was 
Janette’s chosen medium beginning with a successful career in craft and decorative 
painting techniques. This formed the context for the artist’s commitment to a formal 
art/academic education as an adult student.

She successfully completed a diploma in visual communication, 
Bachelor of Design (majoring in painting) and a master’s degree Flowers in a 
Contemporary Painting Practice completed in 2013 at Unitec. 

"Uncaged Melodies II" - multilayered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board - 86 x 60cm - $1,800

"The Mist will Clear" - multilayered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board - 58cm diameter $950

Cervin’s layered flora and fauna paintings are created on large-scale industrial
 aluminized surfaces. She is interested in the juxtaposition between the hard metal surfaces
 and the way in which the paint can be manipulated allowing images to slip and slide
 effortlessly, connecting and layering flora and fauna together. 

These works celebrate a collaboration of the traditionally feminine domestic space 
and a more ambitious contemporary approach to painting.

 An illusion of depth is created by the combination of traditional painting conventions
 and applications of thick layers of glossy resin. This process is repeated to accentuate 
a three-dimensional space. Some areas are also intentionally sanded back, 
resulting in some flower details being suspended throughout the painting at varying 
depths from the surface. This ghostly hint of flowers amongst the gooey glazed layers 
alludes to the pentamento effect achieved by the old masters. 

"Hydrangea Blue" - multi layered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board - 59cm diameter - $1,200

"Cheeky Fantail" - multi layered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board - 52cm diameter - $950

"Pink Galah" - multi layered acrylic & resin on alminium composite board 41x30cm - $650

Process and Concepts

Janette’s work is very process driven, with aesthetic decisions being made 
during the making process as opposed to following pre-conceived ideas.  She paints on often 
large-scale sheets of ACM (Aluminised composite material) and creates multiple layers 
in her paintings by the applications of resin. This helps to draw the viewer into and around the work.

Janette has also likened the use of resin in her paintings to the act of preservation, 
like ancient butterflies preserved in amber or the various specimens preserved in jars 
at museums.  Images of both native and introduced flora and fauna are being 
preserved and memorialised in a moment in time, captured within the layers of resin.  
Look closely and you may see the extinct Moa or Huia within the depths of the work. 
Given the world we live in now, you never know what will survive over centuries to come. 
 The result being Janette’s translucent, painterly, fantastical and surreal world
 that weaves past and present in a contemporary take on the traditional still life genre.

"Home Mai" - multi layered acrylic & resin on alminium composite board 40x30cm - $790

Although the flora and fauna subject matter may be viewed as feminine, t
he process isn’t – it involves gutsy power tools and construction materials and
“grunty” oversized brushes.   Layers of paint and resin are built up on pieces of ACM.  
She can partially remove the first few layers of paint with an industrial sander,
 leaving ghostly imprints, which when finished, impart a 3D and pentimento effect
to the works.  A high gloss layer of resin is then applied before the next level,
or layer of painting can begin again and on some works the paints sits atop the
final thick application of resin.

These paintings celebrate the vitality and beauty of our clean green New Zealand
landscape, whilst also drawing attention to the fragility and transience of such
beauty in our contemporary world.

Janette’s work has received critical acclaim both in New Zealand and internationally.

"Birds of a Feather" - multi layered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board 60x40cm - $790

"Shades of Blue" - multi layered acrylic & resin on aluminium composite board - 58cm diameter - $1,200

Reviews - Awards

“In the Garden of Excess'', Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka

DEC 18, 2018

''What Lies Beneath'', Gallery Thirty Three, Wanaka

DEC 13, 2018

2014 Glaister Ennor Graduate Art Awards
Blended Families – Peoples Choice Award    

2013 27thTrusts Art & Sculpture Awards
1stPrize – The Pianist

2013 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award
Hydrangeas – Peoples Choice Award

2012 Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards 
Merit Award – Thou art to me as a flower to bee

2012 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award
Hydrangea and Puawhananga – Peoples Choice Award

2012 Waitakere Trust Art Awards
Merit Award – Pre PC

2011 Waitakere trust Art Awards
Merit Still Life – Ode to the Wests