J E N N Y   F U S C A

Jenny uses emotive natural representation
as opposed to the  
traditionally scientific and
illustrative. She explores the dual  meaning
of nature as environmental and behavioural,
combining our Australian bush identities with
cultural  new arrivals, such as roses, anemones
and dahlias.

'Rafaela' - acrylic on canvas 120x90cm - $3,950

Her work revels in the organic form and complex 
colours  found in nature.  She combines her 
curiosity and love of  gardening in her work, growing much
of what she paints.  She travels annually to cool climate 
gardens, such as Chinoiserie in Bowral to photograph and
paint her much loved peonies.

'Evangeline' - acrylic on canvas 101x101cm - $3,500

She plans each composition to reveal intimate 
of the bloom: in the same way that a
portrait painter  
attempts to reveal the
character of the person.  
Her process involves
multiple layers of colour and glazing  
to achieve
a finish that is both vibrant and immersive.

'Grace' - acrylic on canvas 76x76cm - $1,950

“My work is about creating space in our lives for 
the natural world.  Take a moment to gaze 
deeply, breath and notice the small, beautiful details.  
The simply joy of appreciation can be transformative”

'Ava' - acrylic on canvas 76x76cm - $1,950

'Old Parliment Roses' acrylic on canvas 101x101 cm - $3,500