K i m   S h a n n o n
'More than Shadows'
Recent Paintings

'Night Reflection'   oil on canvas 71x83cm - $2500

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'Night Jars 2' - oil on board 30x40cm - $750'Arrangement with Roses 2' oil on board 41x35cm - $750'Autumn Windowsill 1' oil on board 13x30cm - $450'Box of Plastic 2' - oil on board 40x51cm - $850'Candle Shadows 2' - oil on canvas 76x66cm - $1,800'Creek Weeds Autumn' - oil on canvas 51x40cm - $1,250'Creek Weeds' - oil on canvas 71x61cm - $1,800'Day Reflection' - oil on canvas 71x83cm - $2,500'Failing Shadow 2' oil on board 40x36cm - $650
'For all that Ends 2' oil on canvas 70x61cm - $1,800'Measuring Time' - oil on canvas 120x120cm - $3,000'Memory 1' - oil on canvas 40x40cm - $850'Memory 3' - oil on board 45x40cm - $850'Morning Windowsill 2' - oil on board 20x56cm - $650'Night Jars 1' oil on board 61x81cm - $1,800'Night Reflection' - oil on canvas 71x83cm - $2,500'Painter's Table 4' oil on board 30x30cm - $450'Plastic Army 1' oil on canvas 50x45cm - $750
'Plastic Reflections 1' oil on canvas 25x46cm $650'Plastic Variations 1' - oil on canvas 30x30cm - $450'Reflected Arrangement 2' - oil on canvas 46x51cm - $850'Reflected Arrangement 3' - oil on canvas 51x46cm - $850'Reflected Arrangement 4' - oil on canvas 46x61cm - $850'Reflecting Daylight 1' - oil on canvas 51x46cm  $1,250'Reflecting Daylight 2' - oil on board 50x46cm - $1,250'Reflecting the Night 2' - oil on board 61x56cm - $1,250'Small Arrangement 1' - oil on canvas 30x36cm - $750
'Small Arrangement 2' - oil on canvas 30x36cm - $750'Three Jars - Day 2' -oil on canvas 25x30cm - $750
'Arrangement in Red and Green' - oil on oard 71x71cm - $1,800'Box of Plastic 2' - oil on canvas 51x41cm - $850'Bush Fire still-life' oil on board 120x120cm $3,000'Dark Windowsill' - oil on board 30x59cm - $750'Falling Shadow 1' - oil on board 51x61cm - $850'Grey Day Bottles' - oil on canvas 61x51cm - $750'Life Cycle 1' oil on board 71x61cm - $1,250'Light Windowsill' - oil on board 30x60cm - $750'Mind it Wipes it's Feet' - oil on canvas 152x122cm - $3,500
'Painter's Table 1' - oil on board 25x25cm - $350'Painter's Table 2' - oil on board 25x25cm - $350'Painter's Table 3' - oil on board 30x30cm - $450'Plastic Army 3' - oil on canvas 51x61cm - $750'Plastic Variations 2' - oil on canvas 30x30cm - $450'Winter Windowsill 1' - oil on board 20x30cm - $350

Kim Shannon is an artist living and working in the Southern Highlands. 

Kim studied at the Julian Ashton Art School Sydney in the late 1960’s
and later spent several years in London where she studied at the City
and  Guilds of London Art School and then at the Royal Academy
Schools London,  where she won a Gold Medal.

'Memory 3 '   -  oil on board  45x40cm -  $850   

She has exhibited widely in Australia and overseas, has had
16 solo exhibitions and won several
awards including the Southern
 Highlands Regional Gallery/Nick Scali Portrait Prize 2002;
Pirtek Still Life Prize 2013; Still Life-Singleton Art Prize 2015,
she has also received several Highly Commended  awards including
in the Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Award
 in 2007; Eutick Memorial Still Life Award, Coffs Harbour 2011;
and the Goulburn Regional Art Award 2016.

'Autumn Window Sill 1'  - oil on board  13x30cm  - $450

Kim has taught at TAFE Moss Vale and Goulburn; and she continues 
teaching at the Bowral and District Art Society and takes workshops in
some regional areas of NSW.

Sculptures by Lucinda McDonald 

'The Linking Segment' - welded recycled steel, enamel paint 29cm h x 36cm w $950

'Blue Wave' - welded steel w enamel paint 20.5cm h x 35cm w - $400'Launch' - welded steel, penetrol 38cm h x 28cm w - $800'Linear assemblage' - welded recycled steel with enamel pant 68cm h x 30cm w - $900'Peaky Peek' - welded recycled steel, penetrol 22cm h x 24cm w - $900'Steel composition 2' - welded recycled steel, penetrol 44cm h x 58cm w - $850'Suspend' - welded recycled steel, penetrol 68cm h x 31cm w - $1,000'The Crossing' - welded recycled steel, enamel paint 6cm h x 16cm w - $1,150'The Linking Segment' - welded recycled steel, enamel paint 29cm h x 36cm w - $950'The Fold' - welded recycled steel, penetrol 30cms h x 35cmw - $950'Tug' welded recycled steel, enamel paint - 48cm h x 40cm w - $850'Twist and Shout' - welded steel, enamel paint 34cm h x 28cm w - $900

Lucinda is an emerging painter and sculptor.
Born in England she moved to South Africa at the age of 5 .
At 19 yrs of age she returned to the UK and lived in London and Bath
where she continued studying art & photography ,ending up at
 Chelsea School of art & design(London) where she did a three year public art
& design course.

In 1995 she attended a fabrication & welding course at a North London
 college and hence worked as a welder for various fabrication
 workshops for a few years before deciding to move over to Australia in 2001. 
Lucinda has been involved in a number of exhibitions both in
Australia and in London.

EXHIBITION DATES: November 1 - December 1