Natural Selection: Nature re-imagined in Paper, Felt and Thread

This exhibition brings together three artists reinterpreting nature
 through their  unique approaches to traditional craft based mediums.

 Meredith Woolnough uses a domestic sewing machine to map
the veining systems found in coral and plants in thread,
creating embroidered studies of various natural structures and patterns.

 Rae Woolnough works with felt, manipulating wool fibers and other materials
to create depictions of mosses, lichens and the detritus of the forest floor.
Her work entices the viewer to appreciate the texture, colour and 
detail of this often overlooked, intimate world.

 Lisa Rodden’s hand cut paper art is formed by slicing, layering,
painting and folding to create three dimensional wonders.
Her work is a vehicle to connect to the world she inhabits and explore
the value of the parts we can’t always see. 


in the Pop Up Gallery