nicole ayliffe - glass artist

Optical Landscape - Leaf - etched glass - $1,850

The optical qualities of glass has been captured through the use of thick clear glass forms,
 creating the illusion of space and emphasising the reflection and refraction of light between 
the exterior and interior surfaces.   The solidity of the form and the suspension of the bubble,
 as well as the curves of the glass highlight the qualities of distortion, 
movement and space within each glass piece. 

Optical Landscape - monstera - $1,650

I have used design elements found in our natural environment to influence both the both the form 
and imagery used in this body of work.  This delicate imagery both describes and captures
 the beauty of nature. Each piece has been individually designed and surface worked, 
using a variety of cold working techniques.  This creates a variety of visual effects, 
including the reflection of imagery on the inside central bubble.  
These pieces have then been cut and polished, providing a window into the interior of the form.

these pieces are now on display in the Gallery Shop

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