p e n n i e   p o m r o y

"Mavis and the Duck" -  oil on canvas 91x91cm - $3,300

The Contender - oil on canvas 91x91cm - $3,500

My artworks explore what is often lost in adult life: a vivid sense of imagination and whimsy.
Juxtaposing fantasy with the everyday, my sumptuous paintings are reminiscent 
of the inspired nonsense of Alice in Wonderland, evoking an uninhibited
 expression of youthful exuberance.
“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast” - Lewis Carroll

The Antipodeans - oil on canvas 122x91cm - $3,500

A playground of animals and people comes to life revealing the beauty
and magic that can be created by simply allowing worlds to be imagined.
My current series of heroines and their animal counterparts uses the
 language of feathers and fur to expose the human personality beneath.

The Protectors - oil on canvas 91x91cm - $3,500

Based in Sydney, I have studied both internationally and in Australia,
completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (painting) at the National Art School in 2003.
 Using a variety of media, including oil painting, printmaking and
silver jewellery, enjoy developing ideas
through different forms.

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