r o b y n   k i n s e l a

" View from a Room" 2018_oil on canvas_30x30cm_$500

Robyn Kinsela is interested in interpreting micro and macro textures as well
as sounds found in the natural environment. She considers human presence
 and interference in 
the landscape and how it has been adapted and changed
 by people over time. 
Robyn’s work is created from drawing,
photography and memory, then realised as paintings and works on paper,
 including digital prints. Robyn is interested in surface textures and patterns
and the visual communication of the senses of sound and smell. Playing with ambiguities
 of reality, appearance and illusion, she hones away unnecessary detail in the search
for the essential message or feeling through the use of form, colour,
tone, texture, contrast, memory and experience

"Wapengo Storm" - oil on canvas 30x30cm - $500

"My interest in the question of ownership of marks
 and mark-making, has led me to create my own library of visual
 references with strong influences from the work of other artists,
cultures and art movements.
 By establishing a system of visual cues
 or symbols I am capturing the intensity of my sense of place."

 Winter View - acrylic on canvas_76x101cm_$1900