R O S   G O O D Y
'FROM MY STUDIO'  Exhibition 
Sept 4 - 28

The Dusty Road Home - watercolour 83x91cm - $3,200

My art is drawn from our natural surroundings, all living things inspire me
 to draw and paint. My love of horses and dogs and the people who
work in a rural community are a major influence on my art. I have a
deep sense of belonging and a true affection for the country people of Australia.
 I am always learning and finding new and interesting people and places
 to expand my subject matter. 

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Boys will be boys - gouache 47x67cm - $1,100Changing Horses - gouache 50x52m - $990The Runaway - pastel & charcoal 64x55cm - $770Frizzle Frazzle - watercolour 50x56cm - $390The Brothers - gouache 58x66cm - $1,200High and Mighty - ink & watercolour 55x93cm - $1,200Horseman of the Mountains - watercolour 65x55cm - $1,200It's a Dog's Life -4/50 ltd ed giclee print  74x91cm - $990
Maasai Herdsmen - watercolour 66x81cm - $2,900Mist on the Paddock - watercolour 47x39cm - $590Morning cloud, Tuscany - charcoal and chalk 49x44cm - $490Mother Hen - watercolour 36x36cm - $350Wining Post - gouache  57x69cm - $1,400Rodeo Parade, Chile - watercolour 61x75cm - $2,200Sal and Mouse -25/75 limited edition giclee print 74x91cm - $990Sitting Duck - gouache 60x47cm - $790
The Boys in Blue -7/50 ltd ed giclee print 88x105cm - $1,100The Dusty Road Home - watercolour 83x91cm - $3,200Bong Bong Picnic Races - watercolour 81x99cm - $3,200Thompson's Gazelle - watercolour 39x73cm - $990Working Boots - watercolour 71x84cm - $2,500The Cock Will Crow - watercolour 55x46cm - $650Winter Sunshine - 28/50 limited edition giclee print 64x75cm - $750Work Break - watercolour & pencil - 48x43cm - $690Young Lion - watercolour 60x50cm - $990

Maasai Herdsmen - watercolour 66x81cm - $2,900

My African travels have provided an exciting world of artistic inspiration.  
I found the people fascinating, friendly and having a natural sense of serenity
which is reflected in their way of life. The majestic wildlife opened up another
 whole new animal world, I have to actually see in reality before I can understand and paint.

Boys will be Boys - gouache 47x67cm - $1,100

Rodeo Parade, Chile - watercolour 61x75cm - $2,200 

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