D  O  N  A  L    M O L L O Y  -  D R U M   
(sculptures on show in the Dana Dion New Works Exhibition)

'Sway' -  stainless steel plywood veneer - 42 x 34 x 30 cm - $3,400

I am a regular exhibitor and my work can be found in both public and private
 collections worldwide -  including a number of outdoor public sculptures, both
here in 
Australia and Dublin, Ireland.

'Snug'  - stainless steel - 38 x 29 x14cm $3,800

Throughout my career I have regularly worked with community groups and schools.
 I have been President of Banyena Community Hall since 2007 and am currently
a member of the 'Public Art Policy Committee' with Horsham Rural City Council.

'Flight' - stainless steel plywood veneer,plaster - 48 x 32 x 20cm $3,800

I was born in Ireland, and studied Fine Art at the Crawford School of Art,
Cork - 
from where I graduated in 1988 after majoring in Sculpture..

'Resolute' - stainless steel plywood veneer copper bronze -  52 x 28 x 14cm - $3,800

I have lived and worked in London, New York, Melbourne and Dublin - 
I migrated to Australia in 1997 and became an Australian citizen in 2011.

'Poise'  -  stainless steel plywood veneer copper brass - 42 x 34 x 30cm - $3,800