The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from the Gallery Stockroom
and exhibitions held throughout 2017. Works include paintings, etchings,
limited edition prints, photography, sculpture and glass. 
Exhibiting artists:
 Fiona Craig, Greg Hyde, Glen Preece, Paul Battams, David Welch, Janet Hicks, Elizabeth Langreiter,
Richard Morecroft, Ros Goody, Alan Healy, Bruce Chanter, Paul Harrington,
Conchita Carambano, Felicia Aroney, Ivan Goodacre, Julie Robertson, Paul Harmon,
Elizabeth Burton, Meredith Woolnough, Penny Lovelock, Robert Billington and more..

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       Fiona Craig   Greg Hyde - An Eclectic Palette ... once more.   Elizabeth Langreiter

                 Penny Lovelock                      Glen Preece - 'Ironbark - paintings from my studio in the country'                  Elizabeth Burton

Felicia Aroney                                    Contours Exhibition - Penelope Oates & Darren Oates          

                           Ros Goody            Billington Photography ann morton
                                                         John Topfer Sculptor Jimmy Rix - Sculptor  

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