T h e   S o l i t a r y    a n d    t h e    S u b l i m e
an exhibition of encaustic paintings by Liz Priestley

'Aloft II' - encaustic on board 90cm round - $2,100

Liz's work is best described as a combined interpretation 
of both the immediate physical landscape, and that of the
internal landscape.  Her choice of encaustic wax as a
medium in the creative process is for both its 
architectural and reductive qualities, allowing for a 
narrative to build through the layers which can then also be 
selectively revealed by carving, scraping and melting.

'Aloft I' encaustic on board 90cm round - $2,100 SOLD'Aloft II' - encaustic on board 90cm round - $2,100  SOLD'At the Bend - Kangaloon' encaustic on board 80x80cm  - $1,980 SOLD'At the Edge - near Moss Vale' - encaustic on board 100x100cm - $2,350 SOLD'Baseless Fabric' - encaustic on board 80x100cm - $2,150 SOLD'Cloud Connection I' - encaustic on board 60x60cm - $1,250'Cloud Connection II' - encaustic on board 60x60cm - $1,250'Descending' encaustic on paper 56x56cm - $980 SOLD'Fragmented' - encaustic on board 100x100cm - $2,350 SOLD'Landscape of Gold and Texture I' - encaustic on board 46x46cm - $940 SOLD
'Landscape of Gold and Texture II' - encaustic on board 46x46cm - $940'Blue and Pink Landscape Study I' -encaustic on board30x30cm - $720'Blue and Pink Landscape Study II' - encaustic on board 30x30cm - $720'Blue and Pink Landscape Study III' - encaustic on board 30x30cm - $720'Last Light of the Day II' - encaustic on paper 38x38cm - $720 SOLD'Last Light of the Day' - encaustic on paper 56x56cm - $980 SOLD'Lingering Cloud' - encaustic on paper 45x60cm - $980'Luminescent' - encaustic on paper 39x56cm - $870 SOLD'Monolith' - encaustic on paper 45x60cm - $980
'Nocturne' - encaustic on board 80x80cm - $1,980 SOLD'Pink Cloud Study' diptych - 43x45cm - $790 SOLD'Point of no Return' - encaustic on board 100x100cm - $2,350 SOLD'Reflected Colour - Cloud Study' - encuastic on paper 38x38cm - $720'To the Other Side I' - encaustic on board 80x80cm - $1,980 SOLD'To the Other Side II' - encaustic on board 80x80cm - $1,980'To the Other Side III' - encaustic on board 80x80cm - $1,980'Vertical Cloud Study I' - encaustic on paper 18x38cm - $430 SOLD'Vertical Cloud Study II' - encaustic on paper 18x38cm - $430 SOLD'View from the Bridge - Berrima' - encaustic on board 120x120cm - $3,200 SOLD

The earliest of our memories is what fascinates me. I am always striving towards
 pinpointing that connection between our first impressions of our environment, and its emotional
 corollary within our future lives. The work is a result of that endeavour.
Landscapes articulating a personal reaction to the recollection of that fundamental impact.
Expanding on this, I desire to explore further the connection of “bequeathed” memory. 
Asking the questions of past generations no longer here, whether we are the product of their emotional
 experience of landscape and environment. By producing encaustic works, which in themselves are 
products of layers over time, I aim to pose these same questions to the viewer.
Landscape is our conduit for the spiritual, this has been illustrated across cultures and generations. 
By using encaustic, I am alternately building and layering, and reducing, carving and scraping
 out an image. There is a revelation in the work as it progresses, and in its final form. 
This process is a physical representation of searching those layers of memory. 
The resulting image is the vehicle in which the viewer will resonate with their 
own epiphany of those small personal, binding memories." LIZ PRIESTLEY

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