T H E     S U M M E R     E X H I B I T I O N   -   2 0 2 0 

Ross Townsend 'Circular Quay Sydney' oil on board 88x65cm - $3,200

The Summer Exhibition includes a mix of works from the 
Gallery Stockroom, exhibitions held throughout 2019
and 'new to the gallery' artists.
Works include paintings, etchings, limited edition prints, 
photography, sculpture and glass.
View some of the works currently in the exhibition below - 
new works and artists will be added throughout
the course of the show 
Susan Heslin - 'Oranges, Bergenia and Gumnuts' oil on wood panel 62x100cm $2,950A collection of works from Sydney artist Kalpa JadejaLaural Lawless 'A Place to Remember' - acrylic on linen 105x105cm $2,200Greg Hyde - 'A Tree is not a Cage' - mixed media 57x60cm - $1,050Penelope Oates 'Australian Summer' - mixed media on board 120x69cm - $1,900Laural Lawless 'Blue for You' - acrylic on linen 105x105cm - $2,200Janette Cervin - 'Hydrangea Blue' - mixed media on board 59cm diam $1,200Ross Townsend - 'Circular Quay - Sydney' - oil on board 88x65cm - $3,200Kim Shannon - 'Day Reflection' oil on canvas 71x83cm  $2,500
Denise Lithgow - 'By the Wave Cut Platform' felt merino wool 54x34cm - $810Denise Lithgow - 'Channel Country after the Rain' - assorted fabric felt machine embroidery 52x42cm - $1,160Gill Pedrana 'Tangled' - oil on canvas 80x100cm - $1,800Bundanoon sandstone duck by Arenaria - $360Ebony Bennett - assorted birds on canvasAmanda Harrison - 'End of the Day' - ceramic 33cm h $750Felicia Aroney - 'Family Tree' oil and acrylic on canvas 100x100cm - $3,450Ted Lewis - 'Fleeting Light, Bateman's Bay' oil - 60x46cm - $1,575Tillian -'Gethsemene' - acrylic on canvas 125z95cm - $2,400
Ann Morton 'Golden Treats' oil on board 82x71cm - $9,000Kate Piekutowski new works on paperKate Piekutowski new works on paper  2Jenny Fusca - 'Magnoilias' mixed media 120x90cm - $3,950Kalpa Jadeja 'Kitchen Collection 1' mixed media on canvas 31x31cm $450Karen McPhee - 'View to the Tops' - acrylic on canvas 76x50cm $680Denise Faulkner - 'King Parrot' acrylic 62x48cm - $720Penny Oates  'Koala' - ink and wash 68x50cm - $560Robyn Kinsela - 'Last Day of March' - oil on canvas 91x91cm - $2,200
Ann Morton 'Last Run - north Perisher' - oil on canvas 59x69cm - $2,800Anthony Springford - 'Lillies with TV' -oil on alupanel 51x49cm - $1,800Lisa Rodden 'Kangaroo Paw' - hand cut paper and mixed media 37x35cm - $690Liz Priestley - 'To Dream Often' encaustic 80x80cm - $1,800Max Linegar ' Werai Road' - pastel on gesso paper 91x122cm  $3,300Aidan Weichard - 'Native Study' mixed media on canvas 54x54cm - $700Laural Lawless - 'No Where Land' acrylic on linen 105x105cm - $2,200Jenny Fusca 'Old Parliment House Roses' acrylic on canvas 101x101cm - $3,500Nicole Ayliffe 'Optical Landscape Monstera' - hot blown glass engraved $1,650
Dana Dion - 'Peace in Nature' - oil on canvas 85x182cm - $5,600Philip Turton 'Road to G & T' - oil on board 38x63cm - $2,100Polly Kimmorley - 'Time Passes By' acrylic on canvas 100x100cm - 2,300$Ann Morton 'Triple Delight'  oil on canvas 85x66cm - $9,000Melissa Hartley 'Tulip Mania' - acrylic on Italian linen 48x60cm - $1,800Janette Cervin - 'Indoor Outdoor Flow' - mixed media on aluminium board 38x100cm - $2,400
to view more works in the Summer Exhibition click on the
link below to visit our Stockroom Page
Gallery - Artists & Stockroom

Nicole Ayliffe - 'Monstera' hotblown engraved glass - $1,650

Lucinda McDonald - 'The Linking Segment' - welded recycled steel w enamel paint  29x36cm - $950

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