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'Backyard Rescue' - oil on linen 183x122cm - $6,550

Backyard Rescue, basically the description is already in the title,
 I rather prefer the viewers can see whatever they want to imagine themselves.
 My inspiration for this painting are Australian animals and plants in
 this scene combined with my love for small domestic dog breeds. 
There are three groups, the bower birds who have captured the small dogs
who probably ran away from home (captured by bower birds due to their c
ollars being blue), Australian natives coming to their rescue :)))
Anyway its free for interpretations
Yulia Pustoshkina

'She loves me she loves me not' oil on canvas panel - 36x36cm - $430


Growing up in a very creative and ever-busy family has significantly affected my life style.
As a teenager while learning various creative skills from different members of our family, my father was
my greatest inspiration in arts and later the art teacher for five years at the local
Art School in Petrozavodsk, Russia. Under his guidance I practiced painting, drawing, composition,
sculpture and the history of arts. My Russian background has naturally influenced my artistic style.
A significant part of my painting experience was working with miniature paintings common in the traditional
Russian folklore. I should say that the extensive practice
 of detailed painting resulted in my current painting technique.
While working on either small or large canvas I like to bring on the tiniest details that the
viewers always manage to pick and wonder. I imagine anthropomorphic characters whether
animals or birds, fish or plants and flowers. Everything they do or busy with has a purpose to it;
every small detail has a meaning. Most often they are on the go somewhere and that probably
 explains my own love for travel. My Russian background never escapes to show itself and I create
 a fusion with Australian flora and fauna since Australia has become my second home.
 I find that an idea for a painting carries most significant importance.
 Inspirations come from anywhere, imagination is the key, and a touch of humour is an absolute must.

'Thirst quench' - oil on canvas panel  - 36x36cm $430

'Round Table' - oil on canvas panel - 36x36cm - $430

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